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Finn - Worry Pet

Finn - Worry Pet

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Introducing Finn, the lovable bright orange worry pet! Perfect for ages 3 and up, Finn is crafted with 100% Polyester Faux Fur and features child safety eyes for worry-free play. Filled with a combination of Polly Pellets and Polly Fill, Finn offers a comforting weight that's perfect for everyone, from little ones to teenagers and even grandparents. Finn is not just a toy; he's a companion that can be petted, talked to, and cuddled with. Plus, Finn comes with an adoption certificate, providing a special connection to your new Worry Pet, along with a heartwarming poem. Whether you're headed to the doctor's office, looking for a thoughtful gift for your grandchildren, or seeking comfort during those teenage years, Finn is here to be your trusted friend. Adopt a Worry Pet today and experience the warmth and comfort of Finn!

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